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October 2013: Andy invites you to create some art! - simply take a moment to fill in this form.
July 2013: Added a newsletter sign up option.
May 2013: Site goes live.


Got a leaflet? Congratulations! Youíre participating in an ongoing work of art. Our free, limited edition flyers have been distributed to 1000 select art institutions and homes.

And thatís not all! As well as our collectible flyers, (designed by artists using the finest pixels and commercially printed on luxurious 250gsm card) the art exists as the act of distribution, in the mind of the artist and the audience, as this website, as the data we gatherÖitís art in the age of mechanical and digital reproduction Ė a collectible object and so much more!
So read it, collect the full set, bin or sell it. It's entirely up to you!


At we like to keep the conceptual integrity of our art intact. Thatís why we make every effort to resist our work being reduced to a material commodity. Of course, you can still reproduce any of our content, remix this website or even commit it to memory! Images, text, all this information is free to enjoy.

To maintain the enduring mystique of art, we propose that all artists must embody their role as Sacred Shamanic Alien at all times. Smocks, berets and paint-stained jeans are to be worn, garrets inhabited and ears sacrificed. Suits are only to be worn in court or for performance purposes.


art Are you considering re-purposing a cultural concept, idea or artefact? Planning a parody or pastiche? Perhaps you would like to create an 'art work' or depict something figurative or abstract as a 2D simulacra, often known as an 'image'.
From may 2013 you must be in posession of a valid artistic liscence. It's quick and easy to apply.


Representing the 3D world in static 2D pictures was a big leap in thinking when we first started scratching in the dirt and daubing on cave walls. For huge swathes of our species' existance the average person would seldom see a picture. Then relatively recently, came the printing press and mass-reproduced images along with photography. Now in the digital age, we are daily bombarded with imagery. We get flyers and newspapers and art through our letterboxes, buy posters and paintings for our walls, take photos and stare at screens. Culturally, we are yet to come to terms with this wonderful proliferation of imagery.


Both art and jokes are a way of examining reality - a way of picking it up in our hands, turning it around and noting it's peculiarities.
A joke is usually made up of two parts: Firstly a set-up which plays up common assumptions about the nature of reality. Secondly a punchline which suprises the audience and takes them in an unexpected direction, making them consider things in a new way.
Good art also needs to have at least two elements, it can't just be an object that exists for the sake of existing - unless it makes a self-aware point of doing that! It has to be dynamic and reveal something about reality. Even something as simple as the idea that 3D perspective can be described on a 2D surface.