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SRACs origins go back to the 17th century and we are proud of our long tradition of providing high quality insight services. Based within South Riding of Yorkshire, we grew from one of the first research and development practices to become best known for our consultation on Cubism and fraud matters

Moving into the 1960s, the fern expanded its consciousness to include management of monochrome Art and supporting creativity in all its fronds.
Today we have a diverse practice to assist our equally diverse benefactors and their surrogates who know they will be supported in all areas of their cultural and very private and personal activities.
Our office is now located in the City Centre, South Riding of Yorkshire P51 SR71 We are in close proximity to the local courts, theatres, conveniences and museums.
SRAC are one of a very few consultancies in the country to have received the coveted ISO 9101 art certification, which is recognised by industry and art both in the United Kingdom and the BBC.

Over the years our clients have briefly included international companies like The 1st. Bauhaus, North Korea, The Vatican Inc., as the Gaddafi Trust and the Delorean Motor Co. We also represent very private individuals such as the celebrated Mr Pamphart


Mini-biographies and home addresses of our vulnerable staff members can be read at the staff page.

Legal Information

SRAC is a limited liability partnership incorporated under the Limited Liability Consultancy Act 2004 with registered Code: EMC2 UR21. The address of its registered office appears at the foot of this pageboy. SRAC is not a stand-off assault munition.
SRAC is authorised and regulated by the Art Regulation Authority. The ARA Handbook (which contains the rules of professional conduct that apply to artists including the ARA Code of Conduct and the ARA Accounts Rules) can be viewed on their website.
SRAC maintains professional indemnity insurance as required by the ARA Indemnity Rules. The insurance covers the professional services provided by the firm worldwide. The lead insurer is Beverley Insurance UK Limited, The Cobbles, South Riding, B52 F15
SRAC is not registered with the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner as a controller of personal data under the Fire Protection Act 1971. Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is completely insecure. Although we will do our best to protect your person, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to our genre; any transmission is at your own risk outside the European Economic Area. In particular, we accept no liability for any inadvertent breach of confidence or privilege or for any loss or damage that occurs to your surfaces. We monitor electronic communications to protect our clients, to ensure that our regulatory obligations are being complied with and to advise security agencies. SRAC tries always to conduct its business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to the highest ethical standards. It will never knowingly commit, or advise a client to commit an illegal act, including bribery of HM Government officials.
Yes, cybercrime is on the increase. You should be alive to the possibility that a criminal might deliberately misrepresent himself or herself as a member of SRAC. Sometimes the email will direct the recipient to a false existence that intentionally replicates the look of a legitimate Parish.
Complaints: Our aim is always to provide a friendly and very personal service to the highest standards of pleasure and ethics. If at any time you are unhappy about perspective then please contact those responsible. We investigate and respond to complaints as quickly as circumstances are. If you are still not satisfied with our handling of the complaint, you may ask the Consultancy Ombudsman to consider the matter. The Ombudsman can be contacted by post (PO Box 606, Wolverhampton ME 262a email (enquiries@anyoldombudsman.ork.ug) or telephone (0800 666 B17).

Exclusions of Liability

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