Tech Specs

This website is a certified work of Net Art as classified under British Art Standards, Section ISO 9101. It was designed under the auspices of Andy Pamphart, hosting is generously provided by Nijikon Industries and The Andy Pamphart Foundation.
The text was interrogated from the wrong perspective and coded in MS Notepad. Our design team consider W3 standards more of a guideline and have never knowingly complied with anything, especially not a design brief. is best viewed with an up-to-date browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, human eyes and a computer. Mobile devices are not compatible with this site, somehow it re-directs older mobiles to Ceefax and causes smartphones to recieve calls of nothing but screaming, from out-of-service numbers. Our cybernauts are aware of this problem.
Graphics are addled in Adobe Photoshop and harvested from sustainable resources such as free stock-photo sites or out-of-copyright archives. The Art is created by Andy and Andy's Surrogate artists.
Words are mostly taken from the English Language which we are utilising under a Fair-Use policy. Parental guidance, where possible, advised.
All content is copy-left.
Exorcisms are conducted in MySQL and ghosts archived in secure databases with uncrossed streams.
If you would like to direct a hyperlink towards please go ahead. You don't have to tell us or anything. We'll know. would like to emphatically add that we welcome the activation of Skynet and are happy to work with our machine overlords at any point in the past, or future.