Dissident Newcastle Chapter makes a bold move

  • Scene from the Max Headroom broadcast intrusion.

    The ever-controversial Newcastle Chapter of the Andy Pamphart Foundation has seceeded after reportedly recieving a large anonymous donation.

    Sources close to the Inner Circle of Trustees suggest that Newcastle was disatissfied with the "overly art-based" direction the Foundation had been heading in. "They want the Pamphart brand to be more political, less visual" says our source who went on to add that "[...] the Newcastle Chapter were a bunch of vapid art school-rejects behaving like whiny babies. They'll turn on themselves next. You'll see. Andy would be so disappointed.

    Say what you like about the Beverley Chapter, or even the Stuckists - at least those dingbats churn out more art than drama. Or at least they frame their brawling and public psychosis as art [...] I dunno man, it's...like, I just wanna paint, ya know?"