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"I embrace hardship and privation with ecstatic delight; I want everything the world holds; I would go to prison or to the scaffold for the sake of the experience. I have never grown out of the infantile belief that the universe was made for me to suck. I grow delirious to contemplate the delicious horrors that are certain to happen to me. This is the keynote of my life, the untrammeled delight in every possibility of existence, potential or actual."
-The Great Beast

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Hello? Hello? I don't have long to type this, I can feel my language skills, mind, personality being leeched away. Oh, god...

Hopefully I will be able to warn someone. Hopefully someone will read this and stop what I have begun in my stupidity. I don't know where to start, I thought death would be an escape but it is not. I think it wanted my blood, anyway. I understand so much now and the horror is so much greater than I could have conceived while in my mortal body. Perhaps none of you are safe....

I was a webdesigner working on a site for the creature Andy Pamphart, he said he was an artist...I was uneasy in his presence at first and I should have listened to my gut instinct and never taken this job.


he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise he will rise


art When the power failed I thought it was just because of the storm but then the computer started working again. I tried to leave my home office to check the fuses but was overcome by an overwhelming sense of terror when I tried to leave the room. I could make it no more than three paces down the hallway before I had to crawl back, my heart about to burst, my mind's reasoning functions blanked out by screaming primal fear. Looking out of the window I could see lights in houses down the street, but the darkness in my house was absolute. Not the absence of light but a velvety black void. I now know my office was existing in a dimension beyond human experience, behind geometry and beyond logic.


The contract I signed was on a strange, vellum like paper Ė I thought it was just the SRAC trying to impress with fancy cardstock but in hindsight the way it seemed to feel warm and alive in my hand once I got that paper cut and bled on itÖ Andy was creeping me out during the client meeting, humming to himself, eyes rolling about behind his glasses. The SRAC people didnít seem phased though. I didnít know why I had to go to the meeting, anyway. Our company has done loads of design work for the SRAC, usually they just send us the brief. But Iím gibbering.


Iíd never seen the language that started scrolling on my computer screen but somehow I could understand it Ė it went straight to the instinctive, reptilian bits of my brain and bypassed words all together. Itís incomprehensibly old and very dangerous. Itís like a living language, a cognisant information system and it serves the Elder Gods. Iíve just got time to finish this message, sabotage the design and FTP the site, hopefully someone will read it and understand. The magic was in the layout. Every page-load is like an evil invocation. Now I can see the source code behind our reality, human experience is just a flashy GUIÖ. And he approaches, he will rise, he will ri- ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Yog Sothoth! Yog Sothoth!