You asked for it!

Signed artwork from Andy Pamphart

Some of our esteemed audience and gallerists have been asking about the authenticity of our leaflets and why Andy chose to have them hand-numbered, rather than signed. It seems that the aura of the original is still important, even with a mass-produced work like this. Investors and art-fans alike have been insisting that the hand-touch of the artist is still of value – both monetary and in terms of intangible artistic mystique!

Well, Andy has come up with a solution to appease literally most parties. One of his team of Surrogate Artists has agreed to legally change their name to the number on the flyer owned by the highest bidder. In effect, retroactively signing the work. Yes, the work becomes more valuable once it is signed...Or, perhaps the signature becomes more valued than the work...Or only the valuable work gets signed. Either way, your flyer is suddenly transmuted into a more valuable flyer via the magical alchemy of money changing hands. A number is transubstantiated into a signature. You’ll basically be a wizard. An art wizard.

Bidding starts at £1 million (GBP), please contact our representative at SRAC to place your bid before the closing date of May 17 2018. We will provide the winning bidder with legal documentation to prove the artist’s name change upon receipt of payment. Group and crowd-sourced bids are valid.